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27 Leake St North Perth

Job completed for Daniel

Material used:

Natural marble brick bond


Reference Daniel 0416867712

10 Withers Grove Woodvale

Job Completed for Kim Hutchinson.

Material used:

-Ceramic 30 x 60 rectified.

-Porcelain travertine rectified imitation 30 x 60

-Porcelain travertine rectified imitation 30 x 30

-Porcelain travertine rectified imitation 60 x 60

-Porcelain 30 x 60 rectified  kitchen inc. finishing trim and cubes.

Reference Kim Hutchinson  0407337797

2 Fawler Glade Padbury

Job completed for Craig and Naomi Saint

Material used:

-Porcelain rectified 90 x 45

-Porcelain Kerlite 1000 x 1000

Reference contact on request.

18 View Terrace Fremantle

Job completed for MY Building Company.
Materials used:

-Ceramic 70 x 35, laid in brick bond pattern.
-Marlbe 30.5 x 62, laid straight in grain.
-Limestone various sizes, laid french pattern.
-Porcelain 33 x 33

Reference Ceramics World 92444653

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